Take part in one of the fastest-growing sports in the hunting industry…coyote hunting. Not only will coyote hunting get your adrenaline going as they quickly come running into the call, but it also helps the local deer, hog, and turkey populations. We have access to thousands of acres right here in south Florida to try to slow down the coyote problem which is taking over much of the united states. Coyote hunts are typically very fast-paced, 90% of the time we will see the dogs running in within 10 minutes of turning on the call. There is nothing like being able to detect a coyote in the pitch dark at 300 yards closing in on our call at a full run. If you are looking for a night away to do some hunting, then give us a call.

**Bobcat hunts can also be conducted during the season (December-march).

Effectively immediately the credit card fee which is 3.7% when card is not present to slide or 2.7% when card is present to slide.If you would like to avoid these fees when paying the balance of your hunt services we will accept money orders, cashiers checks or cash. We will not accept personal checks or company checks for final payment.


For up to 3 people: $750