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Florida Alligator Hunting

Florida Alligator Hunting

If you decide on a gator hunt be ready to go back home with an awesome story. Private land alligator hunts are conducted year round.



Florida Wild Boar Hunting

Hog hunting is for all ages; Beginners or experts. Hog hunting has become popular in the hunting industry thanks to the abundance of game.


Florida Wild Boar Hunting

Florida Bowfishing Charter

Take part in one of the fastest growing sports in the hunting industry, bowfishing. With a quick training, anyone can sticking fish.


Florida Bowfishing Charter

Seminole Prairie

Your Trophy Hunter’s Paradise

Here, you will discover an array of native game, including Florida Wild Boar, Alligators, Osceola Turkeys, and Duck Hunting. Not only this, you can engage in thrilling bow fishing, bass fishing, and explore our expansive 2000-acre preserve teeming with exotic animal species.

Embrace the Excitement of the Hunt in Florida 

Seminole Prairie is more than just a hunting outfitter; we’re your gateway to an unparalleled hunting experience in the heart of Florida.  Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of our 2,000-acre preserve, teeming with diverse wildlife. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter seeking your next trophy or a curious newcomer eager to try your hand at the sport, we have something for everyone.

Your Central Florida Hunting Oasis

If you are searching for hunting in central Florida, you are at the right place. We have become one of the best Central Florida outfitters.  Our south central Florida location makes us easily accessible from all corners of the state. Whether you’re driving from Orlando, Tampa, or Fort Myers, we’re just a short distance away.

Unforgettable Hunts in Florida, Guaranteed

At Seminole Prairie, we’re passionate about providing our guests with unforgettable hunting adventures. Whether you seek a solo adventure, a family getaway, or a weekend with friends, Seminole Prairie promises a lifetime experience. 

Our experienced Florida hunting guides will ensure you have a safe and thrilling experience, tailored to your skill level and preferences. We’ve already earned a reputation for excellence, and our satisfied customers come back year after year for more.

Why Seminole Prairie As Your Next Florida Hunting Ranch

Not all hunting ranches in Florida are created equal. Here’s what sets Seminole Prairie Safaris apart: 

  • Unparalleled Expertise: With years of experience, we guarantee the finest hunting and fishing adventures in Florida.
  • Experienced Hunting Guides Florida: Our professional hunting outfitters in Florida know the land and the animals you can hunt in Florida.
  • Commitment to Safety: Safety is paramount. Our staff ensures a secure environment for all guests.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: Your satisfaction matters. We strive to exceed expectations with every visit.
  • Legacy of Excellence: Hunters return for our commitment to delivering exceptional experiences year after year.
  • Abundant Wildlife: Our diverse ecosystems support healthy populations of axis deer, wild boar, turkeys, alligators, and more.
  • Ethical Hunting Practices:  We promote ethical hunting practices and wildlife conservation efforts.
  • Accessible Location: Situated in Central Florida, we’re easily accessible from all corners of the state.
  • Top-notch Facilities: With us, you can enjoy comfortable lodging, modern amenities, and well-equipped Florida hunting grounds.
  • Variety of Game:  From native species to exotic animals to hunt in Florida, you can explore diverse hunting options.
  • Exceptional Value: We offer competitive hunting prices in Florida and a variety of packages to suit your budget.
  • Customized Packages: We offer tailored packages to suit individual preferences and group requirements.

Explore Diverse Hunting Land in Florida

At Seminole Prairie Safaris, we understand that every hunter has their own preferences. Whether you crave the freedom of public land, the privacy of a private hunting lease Florida, or the convenience of a fully catered resort, we can help you find the perfect hunting ground for your Florida hunting adventures.

Public Land Hunting in Florida

Florida boasts over 5 million acres of public Florida hunting land, offering diverse opportunities for experienced hunters. Take advantage of our guided public land hunts for unforgettable guided hunts in Florida, where our experienced Florida hunting guides will navigate the regulations and terrains to maximize your chances of success. 

Private Hunting Lease in Florida

Prefer a more controlled hunting experience? We can connect you with reputable private land leases throughout Florida. Enjoy exclusive access to prime hunting grounds teeming with axis deer hunting, wild boar hunting, and other game. We’ll help you find the perfect hunting lease in Florida to match your budget and desired species.

High Fence Hunting in Florida

Seeking a guaranteed trophy experience? Explore our exclusive high fence Florida hunting opportunities. Within our secure enclosures, you’ll encounter trophy-class animals in a controlled environment, ensuring an unforgettable hunting experience.

Rich Hunting Grounds

Florida’s diverse landscape offers an abundance of thriving ecosystems, creating an ideal haven for hunters seeking varied game. From dense forests to sprawling wetlands and open fields, our Florida public hunting grounds, as well as specialized private grounds, encompass a mosaic of habitats.

Hunting Resorts and Hunting Charters in Florida

Looking for a complete hunting package with all the bells and whistles? We offer partnerships with various hunting resorts and charters across the state. Enjoy comfortable accommodations, expert guides, top-notch equipment, and delicious meals, all included in your pre-arranged package.

No matter your budget, style, or desired experience, Seminole Prairie Safaris, as a leading hunting outfitter in Florida, is your one-stop shop for finding the perfect hunting ground in Florida. We’ll personalize your hunt, cater to your preferences, and guide you every step of the way, ensuring an unforgettable adventure.

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