Best Boar Hunts in Florida

Seminole Prairie welcomes you to the amazing world of boar hunts in Florida. This is where the thrill of chasing is on another level, so get yourself ready for an unforgettable hunting experience. Florida boar hunting is for all skill levels, from novice to seasoned hunters.

Diverse Terrain and Rich Boar Population

Florida’s terrain consists of open fields, forests, and swampy marshes. The rich boar population offers an array of opportunities for hunters and the challenging and diverse environment also adds a thrill to the hunt. Hunting boar in Florida promises a truly unique experience. 

Why Seminole Prairie for Boar Hunt in Florida 

Here are the reasons why you should consider booking boar hunting tours in Florida with Seminole Prairie.

Guided Hunts: Our seasoned guides are here to lead you while hunting prime hunting spots. They also share their insights and expertise for a successful and safe hunt.

Customizable Boar Hunts: With Seminole Prairie, you can enjoy a customizable hunting experience. We offer a wide range of hunting options, all designed to meet the individual requirements of the hunters.

Adventurous Pursuit: With an adrenaline-pumping pursuit, you can feel the rush of closing in on the prey. Boar hunts in Florida are popular for their exciting and intense pursuit, making your hunt a memorable one.

Connect with the Outdoors: We offer you an opportunity to immerse in the natural beauty of Florida. While navigating through the wilderness, you can enjoy a true outdoor experience.

Safety is Our Priority

Our team of experienced guides takes safety seriously. Our expert staff are safety conscious, which means you are in safe hands. Your hunting experience is not only thrilling but safe too.

We conduct a short training and orientation session for the hunter. We offer comprehensive training on hunting techniques, wildlife behavior, and firearm safety. As a result, hunters gain the required confidence for a safe hunt.

FAQs about Boar Hunts in Florida


What is a boar hunt in Florida?

Boar hunting in Florida is an immersive experience that involves chasing boars. The best part of the hunt is the fact that you hunt boars in their natural habitat.

What types of boars can you hunt in Florida? 

You can hunt a wide range of boars, including wild hogs and feral hogs. 

When is the best time for boar hunting in Florida?

Boar hunting in Florida is generally available throughout the year. However, winter is the most preferred time for boar hunting.

What methods are used for boar hunting in Florida? 

There are several different methods used during boar hunting trips in Florida. Stalking, hunting from a blind, or dog hunting are options that we offer. In recent years, we have seen an increase in the popularity of thermal boar hunting in Florida.

What equipment do you need for boar hunting in Florida?

Boar hunting in Florida requires special equipment, including a bow, rifle, or knife, scent control products and camo clothing.

Are there any regulations for boar hunting in Florida?

No, there are no regulations for boar hunting in Florida. You can hunt boar year-round without any license or permit.

Can you hunt boar on your own, or do you need a guide?

There are certain scenarios where hunters prefer boar hunting on their own. Some hunters prefer a guided hunt for a successful and safe hunting experience. Guided hunts usually offer trophy boar hunts in Florida. These hunts also provide professional assistance while guiding you to well-scouted hunting areas.  

What safety precautions should you take while boar hunting in Florida?

Safety is of great importance when it comes to boar hunt Florida. Hunters should always be aware of their surroundings. They also need to follow firearm safety protocols.

What to do with the boar after the hunt?

Once the hunt is over, we can field dress the boar and prepare the boar for the taxidermist. We also donate meat to wildlife rehabilitation centers or charity organizations as needed.

What are the regulations for transporting boar meat? 

For updated regulations regarding the transportation of hunted boar meat, please visit the official website of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Are boar hunts in Florida suitable for beginners?

The answer to this is “Yes.” If boar hunting in Florida is conducted under the guidance of an experienced guide, beginners can enjoy a safe and adventurous hunting experience. Most boar hunting South Florida outfitters like Seminole Prairie Safaris offer tailored packages for novice hunters.

How can you book a boar hunt in Florida?

To book boar hunt in Florida, contact us today. We will explain the booking process, pricing, and availability of big boar hunts in Florida.

What are the typical costs of a boar hunt in Florida? 

Prices may differ depending on the location, duration, amenities, and hunting method. For affordable boar hunts Florida packages, feel free to contact us today.


Packages with Lodging & Meals

2 Day/ 1 Night – $575
3 Day/ 2 Night – $825

Above packages include meals, lodging, & 1 meat hog.

Trophy Hogs additional $150 each

Afternoon or Thermal hunt only $450 – Includes one hog
(meat or trophy)

Additional hogs on any hunt $250

Wild boar hunting

We will accept money orders, cashiers checks or cash

Effectively immediately the credit card fee which is 3.7% when card is not present to slide or 2.7% when card is present to slide.If you would like to avoid these fees when paying the balance of your hunt services we will accept money orders, cashiers checks or cash. We will not accept personal checks or company checks for final payment.