Turkey Hunts in Florida

Experience the adventure of turkey hunts in Florida with Seminole Prairie Safaris. We offer you unparalleled access to some of the finest turkey grounds in the state. Irrespective of your hunting expertise, you are going to enjoy every step of your turkey hunt.

So, be prepared to experience a hunting thrill beyond expectations.

Location and Season

For a pure Osceola turkey hunting feel, our hunting grounds are located in South Florida. These locations are known for their extended hunting season. The Turkey season in these areas starts on the first Saturday of March and ends on the third Sunday of April. Due to this unique positioning, hunters can hunt for an additional two weeks at the prime hunting locations.

Turkey Hunting

Abundant Private Land

With Seminole Prairie Safaris, hunting enthusiasts can access more than 20,000 acres of private land. This is one of the reasons why turkey hunting enthusiasts should contact us. Furthermore, the diversity of our landscapes also adds more fun to your turkey hunting expedition.

There are dense woods as well as open fields, offering you a perfect setting for hunting Osceola turkeys with a maximum success rate. With us, you can expect guaranteed turkey hunts Florida.

Dive into Diversity: Beyond Osceola

Apart from Osceola turkeys, Florida is also known for its rich tapestry of other turkey species. So, the area is all there to be discovered. We offer exciting and amazing hunts for the turkey, which is quite popular for its distinctive gobbling call and impressive size.

This is due to the diversity of the landscape that you come across from a wide range of birds. As a result, you can encounter them with their natural splendor.

Guaranteed Success

Our success rate is over 90%, which is an indication that you would find and hunt mature Osceola turkeys. Whether you are a seasoned hunter or an amateur, our team of expert guides always makes sure you undergo a rewarding hunting experience.

Unmatched Knowledge, Tailored Experiences

Here at Seminole Prairie Safaris, we cater to the individual needs of hunters depending on their aspirations and skill levels. Our seasoned guides have sufficient knowledge to offer personalized assistance. This helps us to ensure a safe and adventurous hunt for almost every participant.

More than Just a Hunt

We are known to offer something more than a hunt. It means your turkey hunt experience would surely exceed the bird chase. For instance, we provide delicious meals, comfortable accommodations, and a chance to witness breathtaking landscapes.

Your time spent during the turkey hunt will become an unforgettable memory. At the end of every hunt, you can sit beside the campfire and relax. Apart from sharing stories with your friends and family, you can immerse yourself in the serene beauty of nature.

Book Your Turkey Hunt Today!

If you are all set to be a part of some exciting turkey hunting with Florida Seminole Prairie, feel free to contact us. In fact, you shouldn’t miss the chance to experience a world class Florida turkey hunt. So, make sure to book your hunt today!


FAQs about Turkey Hunts in Florida

What types of turkeys can you hunt in Florida?

Depending on the location and season, Florida turkey hunt involves Osceola turkeys and Eastern wild turkeys.

When is the turkey hunting season in Florida?

Talking about the Florida turkey hunting season, the dates might vary depending on the location or hunting zone. The regulations regarding turkey hunt Florida are set by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Typically, the Florida turkey hunts season starts on the 1st Saturday of March and extends up to the 3rd Sunday of April.

Where are the best turkey hunting grounds in Florida?

South Florida turkey hunting is popular throughout the country. This is because South Florida is known as the native habitat of Osceola turkey. During the peak of South Florida turkey season, both private and public lands provide some major opportunities to hunt wild turkeys.

What is the success rate for turkey hunts in Florida?

Usually, the success rate might vary depending on the elements like weather, location, hunting skills, and choice of outfitter. At Seminole Prairie, the success rate for Osceola turkey hunting in Florida is over 90%.

What equipment is required for a turkey hunt in Florida?

Essential equipment for guided turkey hunts in Florida includes a bow or shotgun, turkey calls, camouflage, and clothing. You also need some other hunting accessories like binoculars and a hunting vest. Furthermore, you are advised to carry your permits and licenses.

What methods are used for turkey hunting in Florida?

The most prominent methods used for turkey hunting include stalking, still hunting, calling, and decoys. Some outfitters like Seminole Prairie also offer guided turkey hunting trips Florida for a promising success rate.

Are guided turkey hunts available in Florida?

Yes, most outfitters in Florida offer guided turkey hunts, and Seminole Prairie is one of them. Therefore, you can count on us. These guided hunts not only offer access to the best hunting locations but also give you a chance to seek valuable knowledge about turkey hunting in Florida.

Do I need a license to hunt turkeys in Florida?

Yes, you need a hunting license.

What is the difference between hunting Osceola turkeys and other turkey species?

Osceola turkeys are now adapted to the environment and natural habitat of South Florida. This makes South Florida turkey hunts more enjoyable. Due to the small size of the Osceola turkey, you need to rely on proper guidance and specialized tactics while hunting this species. 

Is turkey hunting suitable for beginners?

Yes, turkey hunting tends to be a rewarding and exciting experience for beginners. However, beginners need to hunt under the guidance of an expert hunter. This is why popular outfitters like Seminole Prairie provide beginner-friendly turkey hunts.

What are the hunting seasons for turkeys in Florida?

March 16 to April 21 is marked as the spring season for turkeys. However, the fall season might vary depending on the hunting zone. On the other hand, spring is the only time of the year when you can hunt Osceola turkeys.

What are the typical costs of a turkey hunt in Florida?

Depending on factors like guided services, length of hunts, and lodging facilities, the cost of a turkey hunt in Florida may vary. The estimated price range for turkey hunts in Florida stays between $200 to $1,000/day. For Florida turkey hunt cheap packages, you can rely on Seminole Prairie.


Includes 4 days lodging and meals. 1 Osceola turkey.
1 meat hog. 1 on 1 fully guided hunt.

Turkey Hunting

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