Alligator Hunts in Florida

Looking for thrilling and exciting Alligator Hunts in Florida? If yes, feel free to embark on an amazing adventure with Seminole Prairie. No matter whether you are a thrill seeker, amateur, or a seasoned hunter, be prepared for a thrilling adventure. We are known for the best gator hunting in Florida.

Alligators are powerful creatures that inhabit different types of landscapes. So, you can find gators at various locations, including Kissimmee, Lake Okeechobee, and other small watering holes. All these places offer a perfect opportunity for both experienced and amateur hunters.

Florida is an exceptional destination for gator hunting. Florida is home to an estimated number of over 1,000,000 alligators. This is why gator hunting in Florida is so popular. 

Seminole Prairie welcomes you to a vast hunting ground comprising thousands of acres of private land in Florida. This place ensures a year-round gator hunt in Florida. You can also enjoy public land alligator hunting from August to October.

Florida Alligator Hunting

What Sets Us Apart

The success rate of gator hunts in the Kissimmee and Okeechobee River areas is nearly 100%. So, prepare for an extraordinary adventure with one of our FL gator hunting trips. In addition, you can also enjoy the taste of delicious gator meat when hunting with Seminole Prairie.

The Best Gator Hunts Florida Experience

With Seminole Prairie Safaris, embrace the best alligator hunting central Florida experience. You can have a lot of fun while choosing any one of our alligator hunting trips in Florida.

Below, you can explore the various alligator hunts that Seminole Prairie Safaris offers. It will help you find one of the best Florida alligator hunting trips.

Florida Alligator Hunting


Here are the best parts of private land alligator hunting tours Florida:

  • Glassing: This is the most important part of alligator hunts in Florida. It involves scanning reservoirs and ponds for the target gator from a safe distance.
  • Stalk and take down: You can observe gator behavior and learn the art of stalk. This helps you take down the gator when it comes within striking range.
  • Exhilarating challenge: You shouldn’t underestimate the power of these beasts. Since the gators have a strong sense of their surroundings, hunting them requires patience and skills. This renders the alligator hunt in Florida an adventurous and challenging game.

Private Land Gator Hunting Florida

The following are the benefits of private land alligator hunts in Florida:

  • Target the gator you crave: You can choose your desired gator ranging from 6 ft to 13 ft. Besides, we also make it easy for you to witness an array of alligators living in a natural habitat.
  • Comfortable amenities: Once the hunt is over, you can relax and refuel yourself with comfortable lodging amenities. We also offer you delicious meals (optional).
  • Expert stalking: With our experienced guides, it won’t be hard for you to learn the art of stalking. No doubt, it is easy to navigate the terrain when there are experts around you.
  • Year-round access: We make it possible for you to hunt alligators anytime and irrespective of the season.


Following are the reasons to choose a public land alligator hunting trip Florida: 

  • Sport Gator Hunt: While being a part of your aligator hunt Florida, you can cruise the marshes on an airboat. This is one of the safest ways to spot your 7-8 ft target. In the end, just secure a gator with an arrow or harpoon.
  • Trophy Gator Hunt: During our Fl alligator hunting trip, you can hunt giants in the 10-11 ft range. With the help of our Grizzly 18 ft boat, you can travel vast distances and encounter numerous gators.
  • Fishing for Gators: This is a unique twist on FL gator hunting, which involves fishing for your trophy by using attractive bait (rotten hog lungs). 
  • Ethical & Efficient: You can easily secure your gator with a harpoon or crossbow. For a humane dispatch, we recommend using a bang stick.
Public Land

Public Land Gator Hunts Florida

Booking an alligator hunting Florida trip with Seminole Prairie Safaris offers the following perks:

  • Choice of packages: We offer lodging and meals with both our Sport Gator Package (6-8 ft) and Florida Trophy Gator Package (9-12 ft).
  • Proven success: Experience one of the most successful public land gator hunting tours Florida has to offer. The success rate of our gator hunts Florida tours is nearly 100%.
  • Unique methods: You don’t need rifles, so leave them at home. This means you are going to hunt alligators in Florida by using thrilling equipment like crossbow, harpoon, or compound bow.


More than Just the Hunt

Beyond the thrill of catching alligators in Florida, you won’t forget the unique experience of hunting alligators with Seminole Prairie Safaris. While being a part of our Florida gator hunting trips, you would witness the raw beauty of Florida’s wilderness. 

Apart from this, you can also learn the art of gator hunting from our experienced guides. At the end of a hunting gators Florida trip, you not only take home a trophy but also memories that are simply unforgettable. So, when planning your alligator hunt in Florida, make sure to contact Seminole Prairie Safaris.

FAQs about Alligator Hunt Florida

Where to shoot an alligator in the head?

You just need to hit the rectangular hard plate located on the top of the gator’s head. In other words, aim for the spine area behind the skull.

When can you hunt alligators in Florida?

The statewide alligator hunting season starts from August 15 to 1st November each year. Depending on your selected harvest period, you can hunt for the first 4 weeks.

Is it illegal to hunt alligators in Florida?

People usually ask “Is it legal to kill an alligator in Florida?”. Alligator hunting is legal during the alligator hunting season (August 15 and Nov 1).

How to gator hunt Florida?

If you wonder how to hunt alligators in Florida, here are some of the ways to do it.        

  • Using fishing rods with artificial lures or weighted treble hook
  • Hand-line snatch hooks
  • Bang sticks
  • Baited wooded pegs
  • Catch poles (Hand-held)

Can you shoot alligators in Florida?      

Under Florida law, it is a third-degree felony to kill or injure an alligator without the state’s permission. However, you are allowed hunting alligators in Florida during the hunting season.


Private Land Prices

Private land hunts are conducted year round.

6 ft. $1,400
7 ft. $1,500
8 ft. $1,750
9 ft. $2,750
10 ft. $4,000
11 ft. $5,500
12 ft. $8,000
13 ft. $12,000

All private land hunts have a $250 daily rate added onto gator prices. Lodging and meals can also be added for $125 per person.

Public Land Prices

Public land hunts are only conducted August 15th-October 31st with limited tags.

Sport gator package
Includes 6-8 ft gator, lodging and meals for 3 days/2 nights

Trophy gator package
Includes a 9’ gator, lodging and meals for 4 days/3 nights

+$750 for 10ft gator
+$1500 for 11ft gator
+$3000 for 12ft gator

Florida Alligator Hunting

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Ready to embark on your memorable adventure of alligator hunts in Florida? Contact Seminole Prairie Safaris today, and let us guide you to the heart of the action!