What makes Seminole Prairie Florida’s
hog hunting destination?

Seminole Prairie Safaris has 2000 prime hog hunting acres on private land. It is that adrenaline wild hog hunting experience only found here at the ranch. You will not be disturbed by any other wild boar hunting hunters on the property as we cater to our clients. This hunt is for wild hogs. We do not operate a farm but a FREE RANGE Florida hog hunt. So whether you want to experience a swamp buggy hog hunt, Tree stand hog hunt or a stalking hog hunt with dogs, we offer all of that and more. With many options to add to your hog hunt, we only need to know your hunting budget and combo hog hunts can be set up.

Florida houses one of the largest populations of wild boar in North America, and Seminole Prairie is located in the heart of Florida outdoors. Florida hog hunting is for all ages; Beginners or experts. Wild boar are considered a nuisance and destructive in many parts of the state, especially in surrounding sugar cane fields and orange groves. Hog hunting has rapidly become popular in the hunting industry thanks to the abundance of game and the many methods of hunting the wild boar. We hunt the wild boar out of tree stands overlooking feeders, off the swamp buggy, spot and stalk, with night vision, and of course with hog dogs where you are guaranteed an action packed hunt. Whichever you prefer we can accommodate.


Select Kind of hunt

Thermal Hunting

Daytime Treestands and Spot & Stalk

Day and Nighttime Dog Hunting

Effectively immediately the credit card fee which is 3.7% when card is not present to slide or 2.7% when card is present to slide.If you would like to avoid these fees when paying the balance of your hunt services we will accept money orders, cashiers checks or cash. We will not accept personal checks or company checks for final payment


Packages with Lodging & Meals

2 Day/ 1 Night –  $575
3 Day/ 2 Night –  $825

Above packages include meals, lodging,  & 1 meat hog.

Trophy Hogs additional $150 each


Afternoon or Thermal hunt only $450  –  Includes one hog (meat or trophy)


Additional hogs on any hunt $250