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Florida Trophy Hunter's Paradise

Exotic Hunting Species from Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia

Florida Seminole Prairie Safaris houses THE LARGEST Axis Deer herd in North America, offering both top-quality and a selection beyond compare. There are literally hundreds of trophies to choose from--but don't let “them” fool you. They are smart, wild, elusive and sensitive, and have a built-in "bark" which acts as an efficient alarm system.. They also have thick pine and palmetto coverage, which they can and do access instantly. Also, there are substantial herds of Fallow, Sika, Red Deer, Berasinga, Pere David, Water Buffalo, Black Buck and various kinds of sheep and goats. Excitment waits for you on a trophy alligator hunt. These trophy gator hunts are available for our more adventurous gator hunters on other private lands. Seeing is believing! You will have the feel of little Africa as you ride or stalk through the 2000-acre ranch and experience deer hunting and water buffalo hunting of the thrill of the beautiful animals like axis deer and water buffalo. At the Seminole Prairie Safaris you will find an unbeatable, unforgettable over-all outdoor and indoor experience.

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Disabled Veteran hunting club

Here is a chance to help veterans get back into the field. Sportsmen's Foundation for Military Families is selling exotic wild game.

Frog Legs $10.00 a lb. Alligator $10.00 a lb. Call for all details and click on banner link to visit HuntforVets.com

Please Watch our video for Huntforvets.com and visit our website.
Thank you.

For a brochure of Seminole Priaire Safaris Please click here.

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Seminole Prairie Safaris : 18190 North Tucker Ridge Rd, Okeechobee, FL 34974
Mailing Address: 5260 Bluff Hammock - Lorida, Florida 33857
Home Office: 863-634-7803 Fax: 863-655-1716
Office Hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm EST

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