This option is as action packed as it gets and brings clients back year after year. You will get to see the pure enjoyment of our team of dogs doing what they love most. Our dogs are all trained as puppies to hunt wild boar and they want to help you get one as much as we do.
Every dog on the team has a certain job and you’ll get a front row seat to the show- some dogs operate better in the Florida heat while others have a little more grit to them and help slow hogs down in thicker palmettos, one dog might have more range but another might have a better nose, and then there is our “catch dog” whose only job is to catch the hog by the ear.

The weapon selection on this hunt is endless; rifles, shotguns, pistols, bow and arrow, knives or spears.

If you are looking to shoot, we will only put down a couple dogs. Once they find a hog the dogs will bark and keep the hog at bay. The barking is a signal to let us know that they have the hog stopped. We then will get the hunting buggy as close as we can (normally within 100 yards), then make the rest of the way on foot. Once we have eyes on the hog the guide will call the dogs back to open up a spot for the shot.

If you are looking to spear, we will use a similar process as the shooting hunt but we will walk the pitbull into the bush with us. Once we are able to see the hog we let the pitbull (who wears a Kevlar vest to protect him from the razor sharp tusk) loose to catch the hog by the ear. As soon as the pitbull catches all the other dogs will help out. The hunter then goes in behind the dogs and sticks the hog with either a large knife or spear. This hunt never gets old and is provides plenty of excitement. It is definitely a one of a kind hunt as there is always an unknown factor of how big a hog is in the bush and if he is going to charge.