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Seminole Prairie Safaris Guided Hunting Packages

Exotic Hunting Species from Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia

All hunts are fully and expertly guided from start to finish, WITH ONLY ONE PARTY BOOKED AT A TIME to ensure safety and a top quality hunt. Being an exotic game ranch, NO LICENSE is required by you. The methods used for hunting are four-wheel drive vehicles, spot and stalk, tree stands and blinds. A hunter is booked upon receipt of a 50% deposit with balance due at arrival.

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Trophy Axis Hunts:

120 in - $2,000.00
130 in - $2,500.00
140 in - $3,000.00
150 in & over - $4,000.00

Example: Trophy Axis Fee: $2,000.00
Daily Fee +250.00 per hunter
Lodging & Meals +100.00 per night
Total package = $ 2,350.00

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Water Buffalo

SCI Score of up to 89 inches $3,000.00

90" and up is $5,000.00

Blackbuck Antelope Hunts:

16 in - $1,800.00
17 in - $2,000.00
18 in - $2,500.00
19 in - $3,000.00
20 in & over - $3,500.00

Fallow Deer Hunts: $2,500
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Pere David Deer Hunts: $4,500
Sika Deer Hunts: $2,500
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Berasinga Deer Hunts
Trophy Fee: $4,500 per

Call Availability

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Red Stag Hunts
Trophy Fee: $4,500
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Sheep Hunts
Trophy Fee: $1,500

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Meat Deer
Trophy Fee: $500
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Trophy Wild Boar
Trophy Fee: $500


Meat Hogs
Trophy Fee: $200

Alligator Hunts

1Gator 6 - 8' (night time), 1 wild boar, 2 nights of lodging, home cook meals, license and tags, guide and equipment.
Cost: $1,500 (Sept.. & Oct. ONLY)
Alligator Hunt Prices:
6 foot $1,200
7 foot $1,300
8 foot $1,500
9 foot $2,500
10 foot   $3,500
11 foot    $4,500
12 foot $5,500 
13 foot $10,000 
$250.00 / day includes lodging, meals & license


Are You Looking to Stay Over Night?

*$350 / day includes lodging, meals guide fee & animal Prep

*Group rates are available for parties of 2 or more hunters.

*Custom butchering available for $125 per animal

*Taxidermy available


Example of a trophy hunt with over night stay:

Trophy Axis Deer Hunt , $2,000 + 2 day over night stay, $700 = $2,700



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Office Hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm EST

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