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Exotic Hunting Species from Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia
All hunts are fully guided from start to finish, (no exceptions), with only ONE PARTY booked at a time, to assure safety and a quality hunt. Being an exotic game ranch, NO LICENSE is required by you. The methods used for hunting are four-wheel drive vehicles, spot and stalk, tree stands and blinds. Whether you are muzzle loading, bow hunting, or using a rifle, every hunter has an opportunity at their animal of choice.

When to hunt:

April & May
Pre-rut for Gold Medal Axis in Velvet.

June & July
Rut-Peak-time for Gold Medal Axis.

August - November
Still great time for Gold Medal Axis & Pere David
(from China) rarest antlered animal in the world.

September & October
Rut for Fallow, Sika, Red Stag & Berasinga Deer.

November -January
Continued Hard-horn season for above deer.Year-round
Black Buck Antelope, Asian Water Buffalo and
Oryx as they do not shed their horns.

Our selection is one of the best in the world, so it is up to you to be patient--as the deer around the bend could be bigger or the “heart pounding” buck in your scope might be behind 2 or 3 others. It's your challenge! And don't kid yourself--they are smart, wild, high-strung and elusive; and can retreat into the pine and palmetto thickets in a dash and a flash.

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